Having trouble planning your sailing route? No worries we are here to help, we have a variety of routes from relaxing to advanced that you can choose from.
Here you will find the map of the route as well as information about every day stop, places to visit and attractions. For your convenience starting and ending points of all these routes is Marina Novi – Croatia which is our charter base.

Day 1: Novi Vinodolski – Malinska

After checking out the first destination is the beautiful beach Malinska on island Krk, it is situated only 18 nautical miles from Marina Novi – Croatia so that your first day is relaxing and easy. We have planned the easiest day for the first day so you can start your holiday with ease and take your time to get to know the boat and get prepared for your adventure.

Day 2: Malinska – Krk

On the second day, take the time to enjoy sights of island Krk and many beautiful beaches. Destination is 15 nautical miles near the city of Krk where you can spend the night and enjoy dining out in the town. Our advice is to visit one of the restoraunts with a sea view, they all serve the most amazing freshly caught sea food!

Day 3: Krk – Rab

Day 3, 20 nautical miles away from Krk is one of the most visited islands of Croatia. Island Rab is known for the old town of the same name, surrounded by ancient walls. The town is well know for the 4 prominent church bell towers: the Romanesque tower at the Cathedral Svete Marije (St. Mary), the tower at the ruins of Sveti Ivan Church (St. John the Evangelist). Furthermore, monastery at the 16th-century Church of St. Justine (Crkva Svete Justine) is now a museum.

Day 4: Rab – Novalja

It’s the fourth day, it’s time to party and see Novalja on the island Pag which is just 14 nautical miles away. Novalja is well known for the beach Zrce which is home of the craziest parties on the Adriatic sea! There’s nothing much else to say, enjoy yourself but don’t go too crazy there’s much more to see and visit.

Day 5: Novalja – Goli Otok

Goli Otok, is the place to visit on day 5. Located 32 nautical miles away from Novalja this is a historically important island. It is an uninhabited island that was a political prison which was in use when Croatia was part of Yugoslavia. This island operated as prison from 1949 to 1989.

Day 6: Goli Otok – Baška

Final day before going back to the base. We’ve planned for you to visit city Baška which is on the island Krk. One of the most interesting things to see on Baška is the Church of St. Lucy that has a copy of the 12th-century Baška Tablet. Baška Tablet was very important to history of Croatia.

Day 6: Baška – Marina Novi

It’s the last day, time to go home and check out. The final stretch is 12 nautical miles before you reach Marina Novi. We hope you enjoyed this route and everything you had to see. Be sure to get back on time to avoid any additional fees!